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Vishnu Babu, actor.


A Sustainable Life

     Vishnu Babu is the modern day Charlie Chaplin in India. Charlie Chaplin himself was descended from Roma on his mother's side, a gypsy people who are descendents from certain tribes in India, such as the  Banjara tribe. Vishnu is Banjara, born in a village outside Hyderabad, India. A curious affinity for Charlie Chaplin movies drew him into character....and so we begin here, Charlie awakens on the permaculture farm where Vishnu has been learning permaculture design and making friends along the way.

Vishnu Babu, our star of the film, makes his debut with Charlie in India. Collaborating with Bethany Fancher on several previous projects in art and video, as well as assisting on film production projects. Vishnu Babu has studied permaculture design with renowned teachers,  Padma and Narsanna Koppula at Aranya Agricultural Alternatives in Telangana, India in 2015. He has also attended a yoga training at Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana in Bangalore in 2017, and stayed at an art residency at TAJ in 2015.



Avusala Divya, costar, also from Telangana, played this role of beautician/hair stylist. It was her dream to become a beautician and run her own business. She attended Anoo’s International Beauty School in Hyderabad and was just starting to work and support herself.  We are so deeply saddened of her death March 24, 2020. Blessed to know such a perservering spirit.  We are honored to have been her first clients in her salon in the woods, right before her big step to attend school. Rest in Power

Avusala Divya, actress.

Bethany Fancher is a transdisciplinary artist who works in sculpture, photography, film/video, performance, and community-based projects. Fancher’s practice is informed by her osteopathic background, as well as movement training, sound art, and permaculture studies.

I'm staying behind the camera...

There's much more to our story, but for now, we present Vishnu Babu in: A Sustainable Life.

Sanjay Sharma, tabla.

Rishab Sharma, sitar.

Rishab Sharma is a sitarist from India, the youngest disciple of the legendary Ravi Shankar. Exposed to music in his formative years, Rishab Sharma had a chance to learn from great improvisers from across the world. His musical journey began with playing small gatherings and he has now gone on to perform solos for national TV and concert halls. We are lucky to have him put music to our film!

Sanjay Sharma, Rishab’s father, is considered to be one of the best instrument makers of India, including having made sitars for Ravi Shankar. Also a talented tabla player with masters degree in Indian percussion, Sanjay Sharma has toured the world accompanying renowned artists as well as playing solo concerts. So blessed we are to have him for our soundtrack!


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